Medical Astrology-Remedies That Work and Transform Your Lifestyle for the Good

Vedic Astrology refers to an ancient Indian science which is deeply rooted and can be applied in every area of our lives. One of these is in the area of medicine.

Medical astrology is a way to find out more about your current health and to predict future problems.

Medical moldavite tektite aids in the recovery of patients who have lost their ability to receive medical care.

For example, medical astrology can be used to predict when an individual’s most vulnerable time periods are likely to lead to an accident.

Yogas are one of many factors that can affect a person’s health, if we think about Indian astrology. While some yogas have auspicious qualities, others aren’t. An individual’s health may be at risk when certain yogas run, and when transit of the planets is occurring. The health of the individual is not affected.

As such, each planet is linked with an individual’s overall health.

The Sun may be weak in one’s Kundali. This could lead to headaches or heart problems. As well, one might feel more calm or irritated by the Moon. Mars is often associated with injuries and surgeries. Mercury, the planet responsible for an individual’s intellect, is key. It can also cause neck, skin and voice problems.

Jupiter is associated obesity and diabetes. Saturn is the planet that is said to be linked with long-term illnesses and dental problems.

Similar to the planets each house is associated both with certain body parts and also with disorders.

The first house represents longevity and good health. While the second house is for right eye, throat and neck, the second house is associated with overall health and well-being. The third house symbolizes one’s ears. It also includes shoulders and arms.

Remedies of Medicinal Astrology

Medicinal Astrology’s remedies focus often on pleasing a God/Deity or strengthening the effect a certain planet has. One remedy might also address the negativity caused by a specific transit or yoga.

Alternately you could use Mantras to heal astrology problems or a method of using gemstone therapy to add color to the aura. This would work to heal any medical issue a person might have.