Medical Marijuana to Improve Health

Medical Marijuana Proposition 225.

San Francisco voters in 1996 voted overwhelmingly for Proposition 215 In 2003, this bill SB420m was passed, and it legally acknowledged the use of cannabis for medical uses. Keep reading to find out more about different weed strains.

San Francisco Law allows the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana with authorization, regardless that the federal law prohibits it. Medical cannabis use has been an issue of controversy and political debate ever since this bill was passed.

Minimum Requirements

For a patient to be eligible for the benefits of medical marijuana, they must either have their doctors’ approval or obtain a Medical Marijuana Card. Diagnose the patient with any of the many treatments that are approved. A 1996 act called the Compassionate Usage Act, or proposition 215, is about the medical use marijuana.
In particular, they include:

Chronic Pain
Migraine headaches
Spasms of the muscles that are persistent
The use of marijuana to relieve seizures or other diseases.

Marijuana Use Should Be Legal

In addition to the conditions that patients are allowed to use marijuana for, there are a few others. San Francisco has a number of general and certified doctors who have discovered that medical marijuana is helpful for various warning signs and other health conditions. It is reported that medical marijuana helped over 200 different diseases. In the past, medical marijuana was studied mainly for its ability to detect and treat disease warnings. Today, the focus is on how well it adapts, heals, or stops the progression of a particular disease. These conditions are not limited to depression and nausea.

The Investigations of the CIA

There are new studies being conducted on patients who have multiple sclerosis. Alzheimer’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritic, or amyotrophic-lateral sclerosis. It is important to continue systematic research on the benefits of cannabis. Many scientific publications and articles examine the various components in marijuana, and their effects on different diseases and symptoms.

Overall, smoking cannabis is an excellent idea. Thousands of patients find relief for their pain by doing so. To reap the medicinal benefits from cannabis, we must use the right amount. The amount of cannabis prescribed will help us avoid side effects.