Spring Home Decorating Ideas: Get Ready For Spring With Fresh Paint

Soon the cold winter will be over, and the lovely season of cherry blooms will descend on us! Spring is the beginning of spring. Spring cleaning is done by homeowners to ensure the maintenance of their property. As spring is one of the most popular times to paint, there’s a high demand for house painters. The mild conditions in spring ensure the paint won’t crack and dry too quickly.

Style your home in the Spring season

Articles Spring Home Painting: Bring in the spring with a Fresh Coat of Paint Many homeowners, like you, will be interested to paint their homes and give them a new lease of live. As the need for home painters grows, you can expect to see the price of paints rise if the project is delayed. The cost of hiring a home painter will increase. There is also the possibility that an appointment will not be available at a convenient time.

The entire house does not need to be repainted. You should make a note of the areas in need of attention, such as the deck and the children’s room. Here are some ideas for home painting to get you started.

1. Painting the Exterior

You don’t have to wait until the summer months to paint your home interiors. In winter, you can paint your interior. For a new coat of paint on the aluminum siding or wooden porches, you should wait until the temperatures are warm. Paint can be used to enhance curb appeal if the exterior of your property is dull. This won’t cost a fortune. Homeowners usually pay between $2000-$3000 per 1000 square feet to paint their home’s exterior.

2. A Bold Ceiling Redesign

You might not think to paint the ceiling in bright colours. You could choose a subtle ceiling color (Do you think of white or eggshell?) This will complement the surrounding. If you want to give your ceiling a new look, consider bold colors or crown moulding. The ceiling should be painted in a variety of colors to bring the entire room together. It is important that the ceiling does not look bland or boring. Cost of painting the ceiling of a 10-by-12-foot room ranges from $200 to $500.

3. Cabinets are now available in a new color

Cabinet painting is a relatively small, but important painting project. It can change the appearance of the kitchen immediately. This project costs between $800 to $1,000. By adding new cabinets and changing the color, you can elevate your kitchen space without having to spend a fortune. Paint the cabinets in colors that complement other kitchen elements. This will ensure an efficient and quick painting job.

4. Plain Walls no More!

Plain walls are not conversation starters. If you want to change the appearance of your living area, an accent wall is a good option. As far as statement walls are concerned, there is no limit. This is not an expensive option. For most accent walls, a half gallon paint is sufficient. Accent walls are a great way to impress guests.

5. It’s time to paint your bathroom a new color

Your bathroom can be a good place to invest in a painting project. Paints can be damaged by water and moisture. Choose the correct paint finish for your bathroom to avoid peeling. Paint a small bath will cost $300 to $500. You don’t have to paint your bathroom. Wallpaper in the powder bathroom can give it a unique look.

6. Calming color for the Bedroom

The bedroom in your home is the most personal place. Consider painting your bedroom for $350-$800 if you don’t love the color scheme. Colors like brown, blue and green are often used in the bedroom. However, you don’t need to follow this trend. You should choose a bedroom colour that enhances your mood, and allows you to sleep well.

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